Palm Village Retirement Community

Celeste/Daniels client since: 2003


CDAD Strength:
Understanding the Needs of People
Campaign: Changing Your Address for Retirement Years (ongoing)
Industry: Retirement Communities/Senior Living

Boom! Is that the sound of the Retirement Industry exploding or is it the sound of a huge wave of people celebrating that they no longer have to work?

The retirement community industry is unique and somewhat sensitive, because the advertisements are encouraging retirees to move to a new home, probably for the rest of their lives with the last years most likely in declining health. We have been successful in doing that since 2003 with Palm Village Retirement Community. We emphasize the overwhelming positive aspects of the new address through monthly interviews of the current residents to publish in the newspapers. Those interviews are an exclusive insight to what the residents value and a strong research aspect of the industry.

The website, kept current with the newsletters we produce quarterly - along with video, newspaper/magazine display ads, billboard, radio scripts and buys, mailers/ list management and photography - are all produced with the information garnered from the current generation of retirees that in many situations are thrilled to pass along their personal experiences making wise retirement decisions.