Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort

Celeste/Daniels client since: 2007


CDAD Strength:
Well Networked within the Tourism Industry
Campaign: Strong online presence for clients
Industry: Tourism

Vacations...one of our favorite industries to research. Our very first client video was for a Family Camp and we remember sitting on the bank of a rolling river waiting for the families to sail by in their canoes so we could capture their thrills. Tough Gig. That was 1999 and since then we have done a lot of research on lodging, conference centers and wedding venues, suffering through all of it (hehe) and now consider ourselves to be well networked in the tourism industry.

One of our current clients, Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort relies heavily on banner ads and directory listings/descriptions on third party websites. We insert ads and manage the presence on over 100 websites for Loon Lake Lodge.  We are familiar with a whole bunch of digital options in addition to Facebook and Twitter. The smart client authorized a blitz of every advertising media (on location photography with professional models, website, SEO, billboard, postcards, magazine and newspaper ads, eblasts, press releases, TV commercial production and buys) and as a result the No Vacancy sign was hung at the newly purchased property, more frequently than they had anticipated.

We constantly receive info from tourism bureaus and organizations and attend their conferences so we can be informed of the current tourism trends. We do more than announce events to vacationers and conference attendees, we engage them.