Celeste/Daniels Advertising and Marketing Success Stories: Yosemite Pines Resort

Yosemite Pines Resort

Celeste/Daniels client: 2008


CDAD Strengths:
Tourism promotion campaign strategies, industry experience in hospitality, implementation across all channels including social media, location photography and copywriting
Campaign: Ongoing marketing campaigns, with seasonal emphasis on specials, email marketing, social media and website management.
Industry: Hospitality/Tourism

Celeste/Daniels has been doing the marketing campaigns for Yosemite Pines Resort in Groveland, California since 2008, and over the many years, our creative team has continually developed new strategies to match the resort's growth. Through continuous use of digital and social media advertising, we've produced numerous web-based ads and email marketing collateral to promote new products and activities at the popular resort.

Our current Escapations™ campaign for Yosemite Pines has been launched through a multi-faceted strategy utilizing sponsored articles in print, digital banner ads, press releases and social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We've explained that an Escapation™ is "where escape and vacation meet" while marketing their newest lodging option, a Vintage Trailer Village, offering guests the chance to stay in great fully-refurbished "vintage" and new "retro style" luxury trailers in a themed village setting.