Celeste/Daniels Advertising and Marketing Success Stories: Strategic Moves Aircraft Management

Strategic Moves Aircraft Management

Celeste/Daniels client since: 2008


CDAD Strengths:
Knowledge of aviation industry; Location photography
Campaign: Pilatus PC-12 management/charter program
Industry: Aviation

A very good day on an aviation photo shoot for our client, North Carolina-based Strategic Moves Aircraft Management, just kept getting better and better for our Art Director and in-house photographer Dan Pimentel. "We shot this client's gorgeous Pilatus PC-12 airplanes all day, and the location shoot went smoothly," Dan said. "But as a pilot, my excitement level went over the top when I was asked by Strategic Moves owner Steve Setzer (a Pilatus Certified Flight Instructor) if I wanted to fly this exquisite nine-passenger turboprop. Are you kidding me? I was up the stairs and in the right seat in seconds!"

Dan ended up with time to fly this beautiful airplane only because the CDAD creative team leading the location shoot was able to maximize one long day of shooting to produce all the art needed to really say what was remarkable about this company and these airplanes. Because we know aviation, we were able to set up the right shots at the right angles efficiently, and understood instructions from the client who had specific ideas in mind for the shoot.

Even with classic afternoon Southeastern thunderstorms threatening, CDAD's location crew was able to nail this shoot in one session, which saved the client money. The outcome to a very cool day spent around wonderful airplanes was a series of optimized photographs that allowed a smooth progression of the campaign's website, brochures, presentation folders, display ads, sales sheets, business cards, direct mail pieces, web banner ads, trade show displays and other materials from concept to production.

But like Dan says with a big grin...although the day came off without a hitch, it wasn't nearly as awesome as that quick trip around the pattern at the controls of one of Strategic Moves' PC-12s.