Celeste/Daniels Managing Partner Julie Celeste

Julie Celeste

Managing Partner

As a former owner of two businesses whose product was visual and performing arts, Julie Celeste, understands how to implement the myriad of details that accompany most projects. She believes that successful advertising not only markets the attributes of the product but also and more importantly, entices the target market to purchase because of what the product will do for them. Prior to owning the businesses, Julie earned a masters degree at San Jose State University and was responsible for department public relations and advertising as an instructor at DeAnza College and later at a Utah University. Upon retirement from the performing arts industry she partnered with Dan Pimentel to open Celeste/Daniels in 1999.

Julie is the point person between the clients and those at CDAD who will complete the projects. Known by our clients as a detail person as well as a gracious communicator, she is able to transform clients’ apprehensions to a trust that their expectations will be exceeded.

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 Dan Pimentel (President/Art Director)