Welcome to Celeste/Daniels v2.0

Welcome to Celeste/Daniels v2.0

By Dan Pimentel,
Celeste/Daniels President & Art Director

Plenty has changed in the printing, journalism and graphic design trades since I first picked up an X-acto knife and started laying out pages in 1974. This decade will be my fifth working in these trades, and today, technology is moving all of us forward. At Celeste/Daniels, we have chosen to embrace this digital explosion and are eager to see what is coming tomorrow.

The website you are viewing right now is the biggest and best example of how we welcome and use the latest technology in our company, and for our clients. This is a "responsive" website, coded to automagically size to the exact pixel dimensions of the viewer's display or device. On a desktop or laptop screen, it appears like a site should, clean, easy to navigate and appealing to the eye.

And when a user comes to celestedaniels.com from a tablet or mobile phone, that is when the magic happens. Back-end code seamlessly transforms every element of this site to fit any device, eliminating  the need to develop separate sites for desktop and mobile viewing. Wow, that is just amazing and so cost effective. Even a couple of  years ago, this kind of website would have only existed in dreams, but today, "responsive" sites like this one, coded using Joomla, are reimagining what the Internet can do for us.

I am glad you arrived at our new site, and look forward to posting random thoughts, ideas and more success stories on this blog in the weeks and months to come.