Graphic Design, advertising and marketing creative services for Arts companies, and venues

Arts Marketing

As supporters of the performing and visual arts, we understand the nuances of marketing to arts patrons

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A client may call and ask to "please put the temps de flèche photo of Alicia performing in Giselle on our ballet performance page, and add the photo of Bierstadt’s, Gates of the Yosemite on our visual arts exhibit page."

That request may not be easy to fulfill for most agencies, but for CDAD … no problem. We are integrated in the arts industry through our founding partner, Julie Celeste’s 30-year-long career in the field of ballet and former owner of a fine arts gallery. We are keenly aware that all requests from arts organizations are especially time sensitive because performance/exhibit dates are fixed. We know that great advertising in the arts does more than announce the event to the audience, it engages them with a message of emotional acuity.

Our experience as the agency of record for opera and ballet companies as well as marketing our own art gallery makes CDAD a prime source for audience development.